Hanafi Timeline


The timeline shows the the dates of the major scholars of the Ḥanafī madhhab (in addition to the "spiritual lineage" of the eponymous founder), according to medieval and modern scholarship. As my research focuses on developments in legal writing, education and transmission surrounding the work of al-Qudūrī, the timeline (a) is focused on Ḥanafī's who authored works, and (b) concentrates most on the galaxy of commentaries, glosses, and works largely based or incorporating Qudūrī's Mukhtaṣar.

How to use the timeline

Click on any of the names below to produce a pop-up with some biographical information regarding that scholar.

Note that the timeline has two panes; the upper pane is divided into decades, and diplays the names of the scholars; the lower pane is divided into centuries, and is meant to provide a birds' eye view of clusters of scholars in any given time period. In order to scroll through the timeline, simply click and hold and move your mouse, or, alternatively, click once inside the timeline, and then use the right and left arrow keys to move forward and back. Scrolling through the upper pane will move slower than scrolling through the lower.

Work in Progress!

(Two important notes: Firstly, the dates given are according to the Hijrī calendar, despite the timeline dividing itself into AD and BC -- I simply haven't figured out how to change that in the software. Common era (CE) dates are provided on the first line of the pop-up note. Secondly, some of the birth dates of the following scholars are unknown; in such cases, I have indicated this by placing a question mark for the common era birth date in the note, and assuming a lifespan of 75 years as a means of showing the overlapping of scholars' lives.)